Professional Shooting Sessions

Professional Shooting Sessions

Our shooting program with The Gun 6000 provides players a fun and innovative way of learning proper shooting technique. The Gun 6000 is a professional basketball teaching machine that will allow every player to get off hundreds of shots per hour while developing proper form. Our teaching method creates confidence, arc, muscle memory and repetition which are the main ingredients in building successful and consistent offensive players.

All players will learn how to make space to get off their shot at game speed. We will go over proper footwork, passing and screening in motion offensive sets. All sessions will be conducted at Riverwinds Community Center West Deptford, NJ.

Please check back for time and dates in Mid-March.

Cost for 4 Professional Shooting sessions $90 or $25 per session. Cost for 4 Advanced Player Skills & Shooting Sessions is $110 or $30 per session.

Please call (856) 583-0535 for details.

Due to the pandemic, gym space is not available.