About Us

About Our Organization

The South Jersey Jazz Basketball Club founded in January 2000 is a division of the Basketball Development Group, a non partisan, non profit 501 C3 New Jersey Corporation that is dedicated exclusively to the development of amateur student athletes.

The club operates year round and is based out of the South Jersey Camden County and Gloucester County Area. The club is a proud affiliate with the Middle Atlantic Association of The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

This year the club will consist of 8 age divisions of boys 10u to 17u or grades 4th through 11th.

We begin each travel team season in March with tryouts slated for the 1st and 2nd week of the month. Each age division will have 2 tryout nights approximately 1 1/2 hours each. Our travel teams play in highly competitive tournaments and carry only 9-12 players. Playing time is not guaranteed to any player and attendance at practices is mandatory. If you should be fortunate enough to make a team, we highly recommend that you do no play another sport.

Club Accomplishments

The organization is proud of our successful staff which has experience playing or coaching in the NBA, International Professional Leagues, College Division I, II, III, High School, AAU, Recreation Leagues, Summer Camps, and Development Clinics.

Since 2000, The South Jersey Jazz has produced over 185 Tournament Championships, 180 2nd Place Tournament Finishes, 5 American Youth Basketball East Coast Championships, 60 National Tournament Qualifying Teams, 8 State of New Jersey YBOA Championship Teams, 3 Middle Atlantic Regional Championship Team and 2 American Youth Basketball Association Championships.

Jazz Alumni

The South Jersey Jazz Basketball Club has over 155 former players who have reached the collegiate level. For more info go to our alumni page.

The Staff

Jim GullaClub Founder & Director
Edward BondAssistant Director & Public Relations
Chris Gulla Esq Assistant Director & Club Counsel
Steve Horsley Assistant Director & Social Media
Johnny Stenson Website Director

Sponsorships are 100% Tax Deductible

Since we are a 501 C3 non-profit Corporation, we are always looking for donations and sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a player, a team, clinic, or be a website advertiser, please call for more information: 856-583- 0535.

Club Programs


Boys: 8 Divisions 10U to 17U (4th to 11th grade)
March Tryouts. April to July Tournaments.
The Jazz will hold travel team tryouts for all divisions.
All players will be charged a $20 or $25 fee to participate.


Our elite 17U boys travel teams will play in regional exposure tournaments. These showcase events are geared for players to gain visibility from college scouts and coaches. (Travel costs will be additional to club membership.)


4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & All HS Players. Clinics will be held in the spring and the fall. Registration fees are from $100 to $155.


With the Gun 6000.
Our new shooting program provides players a fun and innovative way of learning proper shooting technique. The Gun 6000 will allow every player to get off hundreds of shots per hour while developing proper form. Our teaching method creates confidence, arc, muscle memory, and repetition which are the main ingredients in building successful and consistent offensive players. All sessions are approximately one hour long. Please call for details and pricing.

Program Objectives

Our entire staff is committed to building self esteem and leadership skills in student athletes. A good attitude and respect for parents, coaches, and teachers will be stressed at all times. The program will strive to mesh education, discipline, and quality athletes together. The South Jersey Jazz will:

  • Give parents support with education through athletics
  • Build positive racial experiences for children as well as adults
  • Help children deal with anger management and peer pressure
  • Provide a safe and drug free environment for youths to showcase and hone their athletic skills.

Organizational Funding

Our club funding comes from private/public contributions and player enrollment fees. At times parents and players will be asked to donate their time for fund raising to cover additional expenses.

Over the years, travel basketball has become costly. Our local school districts and universities now struggle with expenses and are forced to charge large fees to use their facilities. We have sincerely tried to keep our program affordable to everyone and its not our intention to turn away any players. However all players must be supported or sponsored to belong to our program.

Travel Team Photos from 2002 to Present